About us

We are Corptrade

Preparation is paramount to us, and its importance is evident in our overall vision and throughout every level of our business. For us, it means the difference between simply completing a transaction and completing a successful transaction for all parties. Corptrade was created with the objective to better map and improve the conditions for a change in business ownership.

We are the Advisor for you if you want to create higher value and increase comprehension in an upcoming change of ownership.  The result of the transaction must be planned from the start to achieve the change that you desire.

We work as a comprehensive transaction team to increase our accessibility to you, and to maximize our collective expertise which is essential at every stage of the business.  We assign tremendous importance to be open and transparent throughout our project management, and it is our goal to involve all parties from the onset to the greatest extent possible. We believe this is the key to a good deal.

Are you ready to sell your business? Are you looking for an acquisition candidate? Or do you want help transitioning your company for a future change in ownership? 

Through a structured and transparent process, we will ensure that you depart your business in the best way possible. Want more information on how we can help you? Contact us today.

Transaction team

Our strength lies in our synergy. With the right combination of expertise and experience, we can ensure advice that is both accurate and readily accessible throughout the Mergers and Acquisitions process.

Our values

Our values define who we are and how we work. They inspire us to constantly develop and grow our skills and exceed expectations.

  • Transparency

    Transparency is a basic prerequisite for trust. We believe in maintaining a professional and ethical standard that creates a relationship with the customer that is based on honesty, respect, and transparency. Any advice we give should be equal to the advice we would give to a close friend.

  • Long-Term

    We believe that long-term relationships are important for creating a successful business. We attach significant importance to building strong long-term relationships with our clientele and have a continuous focus on how value can be built over an extended time.

  • Simplicity

    Simplicity is about simplifying the complex to create a clear, simple, and honest dialog, both internally and externally. We are convinced that straightforward and clear communication makes it easier to maximize our collective performance.

  • Competence

    For us, competence means having the knowledge, judgment, and the will to perform tasks properly. In addition to having the right theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and critical reflection to reach and exceed expectations. We make sure that our expertise and your business goals are always aligned, and to constantly develop our processes and employees.

  • Commitment

    We strive to be an inclusive and engaging workplace by empowering everyone throughout the organization to contribute to the development and shaping of the company’s future. It is important for us to build a positive and encouraging workplace together, that is equally welcoming and respectful.

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