Legal information

Legal information

Information about Corptrade

Corptrade Exitstrategi Väst AB (org no: 559100-9450) is a Swedish limited liability company with registered office and address: Ekelundsgatan 1, 411 14 Gothenburg Sweden. 

References to "Corptrade" on this website should normally be seen as references to Corptrade Exitstrategi Väst AB.


The information available on Corptrade's website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to be used as professional advice. Corptrade has taken all precautions to ensure that all material on the website is accurate and complete. The use of the material is at your own risk. Corptrade is in no way responsible for any damage that may occur. Corptrade disclaims responsibility for, and obligations concerning, information on the Corptrade website and external sites that are linked from this site.

Intellectual property rights

Copyright ©, Corptrade Exitstrategi Väst AB. All Rights Reserved.

Information published on Corptrade's website belongs to Corptrade or used with permission from the rights holder. In addition to strictly private use, production of copies, distribution, display or other exposure to the public regarding the information on this website, is strictly prohibited without Corptrade's consent.

Corptrade and the Corptrade logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Corptrade.

Processing of personal data

This policy explains how Corptrade Exitstrategis Väst AB, org no: 559100–9450, collects and processes personal data.

Corptrade is responsible for personal data on how personal data is processed by this policy.

Purpose and legal basis for processing personal data

Personal data is collected in conjunction with the conduct of seminars and similar activities where the person signs up for and when people contact us via telephone, e-mail or website. This information is used to distribute market-related information to the person.

For us to perform the job our customers have through agreements with us, personal data is also collected and processed. The job may include compiling information about the staff at our customers. This collection is based on a balance of interests, where processing is limited to what is necessary for us to perform the job.

Collected information

For market-related activities, contact details such as name, address, telephone, e-mail and information about which kind of information the person wishes to receive are stored.

Personal data that is collected and processed in connection with our customer assignments essentially refers to your employment. This may include names, social security numbers, addresses, contact details, work duties, and terms of employment.

During ongoing assignments, we also store data to more effectively communicate with contacts at our clients. This may include email address, login name, password, device information such as browser, language, etc.

Sharing of data

Personal data may, to the extent and the extent required, be shared with: 

- People who are employed by us.
- Consultants we employ to carry out the assignment.
- Service providers of IT support and financial services with which Corptrade has an agreement.
- Counterparties and their agents involved in the assignment
- Besides, the information is disclosed to the extent required by mandatory legislation.


Personal data relating to market-related contacts are stored as long as there is a reasonable reason for this.

Personal data concerning customer assignments are stored as long as the assignments are active and thereafter during the applicable period of responsibility for each assignment. Data can be saved for a longer period if required by law.

The data is stored with high security by well-known and reputable service providers with the ambition that storage takes place within the EU.


People about whom we have collected data have the right to: 

- Request an extract of the personal data being processed.
- Request a description of how personal data is processed.
- Request that incorrect information is corrected.
- Request the information to be removed or restricted, provided that there is no legal basis for its processing.



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