About us

We are Corptrade

The importance of preparation permeates our entire vision and business. For us, it means the difference between completing a transaction and completing a successful transaction for all parties. Corptrade was founded from that idea - to better map and improve the conditions for a change in ownership.

We are the advisor for you who want to create understanding and higher value in an upcoming sale of your company. The result of the transaction should be the change that was desired and planned for from the beginning.

We work as a comprehensive transaction team to achieve the skills and accessibility that are required at every stage of the business transaction. In our project management, we emphasize to be open and transparent together with all involving parties, early and to the greatest extent possible. We believe this is the key to a good business transaction.

Are you ready to sell your business, are you looking for an acquisition or do you want help preparing the company for a future sale? Through a structured, transparent process, we ensure that you exit the business in the best possible way.  Want more information on how we can help you? Contact us today.

Transaction team

Our strength lies in our cooperation. With the right combination of expertise and experience, we can ensure more accurate and accessible consulting throughout the process.

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